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Sterilizing Water Manufacturing Equipment
(Model : SLB-120)

What is ecoTree™?

  • Eco-friendly sterilizer with both safety and sterilization power!
  • ecoTree™ is an eco-friendly sterilizer that is mainly made from hydrochloric acid, a substance generated by the human immune system and This is a safe sterilizer registered as food additive for the Ministry of Food and Drugs.
  • ecoTree™(Slightly Acidic Electrolyzed Water) manufacturer uses water, electricity, and 4liters dedicated materials to produce 3,000 liters of sterilized water, which is readily available as tap water without the hassle of dilution, easy to replace, and low metal corrosivity due to the lack of salt content in the raw material.

Patented Titanium Electrolyzer

Safely manufactures the high concentrated ecoTree™ (Patent Number : 10-1767247)

Various sensors for user safety

ecoTree™ itself detects gas leaks and automatically stops production in case of danger.

Durable material

ecoTree™ is Durable with the corrosion resistent material Titanium, Stainless steel316, high temperature and thermal deformation resistent material PEEK.

What is Hypochlorous Acid Water?

Hypochloric acid water

Hypochlorous Acid Water HOCl is a kind of Electrolyzed Water, Aqueous solution obtained by electrolysis of hydrochloric acid or saline solution that is made of hypochloric acid as the main ingredient.

classified as strong acidic hypochloric acid, acidulous hypochloric acid and slightly acidic hypochloric acid according to acidity and effective chlorine content

Purified water + Hydrochloric acid

· H2O + HCl → HOCl
(Slightly acidic electrolyzed water)

Purified water + Salt

· H2O + NaCl → HOCl + Na
(Sodium Hypochlorite, Strong acid)

Slightly Acidic Electrolyzed Water (SAEW)

slightly acidic electorlzed water is aqueous solution obtained after electrolysis of hypochloric acid or a solution adjusted to a proper concentration by adding sodium chloride to hydrochloric acid in a aseptate electrolyzer and pH is 5.0~6.5

It exerts excellent sterilizing power( without irritation to the human body with a ph(titration of effective chlorine) similar to human skin.(80 times stronger than Sodium Hypochlorite)

Apoptosis Effect of Slightly Acidic Electorlzed Water(SAEW)

Preference : Block SS : Disinfection, sterilization, and Preservation 4th ed.,pp.131~151, Lea&Febiger(1991)

Sterilization range of slightly acidic electorlzed water

Sterilization Power according to pH

Comparison to Other Sterilizations

Bleach 40-90% ethanol disinfectant Slightly Acidic Electorlzed Water(SAEW)
Division chlorine sterilizer Alcohol sterilization chlorine sterilizer
Main ingredient Sodium Hypochlorite Ethanol Slightly Acidic Electrolyzed Water(SAEW)
sterilization principle enzyme oxidation, membrane damage, protoplastic denaturation Protein deformation by penetrating ethanol into the fungus enzyme oxidation, membrane damage, protoplastic denaturation
Sterilization Effect Some fungi, bacteria No fungus and virus sterilization effect fungus and virus sterilization effect
Safety Risk of contacting skin, throat, eyes and consuming Pungent, flammable No toxin, no irritation
Errosion Metal errosion Plastic and metal errosion Similar to tap water
Convenience unsprayable sprayable Pre-made, sprayable
Odor smell of chlorine disparate smell No smell

Safety of Slightly Acidic Electrolyzed Water
(National Accreditation)

Institution Certificate/Permission Year
South Korea KFDA Food additives 2007.11
USA EPA sterilizer manufacturing device permission 1998
USA FDA GRAS(Generally non-toxin substance) 2000
EPA-FDA conductor sterilization disinfectant 2006
USDA Colon bacillus O-157, salmonella etc. Approving the use of eliminating bacteria 1999
Japan Food sterilization disinfectant 2002.6

ecoTree™ Feature

1. Colorless, odorless 99.999% strong sterilization ability

Approved 99.999% Sterilizatoin ability 12 kinds of bacteria

HOCL is approved by USDA, Ministry of Health Labor and Welfare, FDA, EPA, KFDA

HOCL is High Sterilization and Safety than conventional sterilized water

2. Safety and Eco Friendly

Nontoxic, harmless to human body, excellent deodorant effect

Sterilizing water safe for the human body with colorless, odorless, low irritation

No residue left after using

Eco friendly without environment pollution

3. Simple as tap water

Produce 3,000L sterilized water with 4L Raw material

Use immediately like tap water without the hassle of dilution.

One-touch automatic system for convenient use anywhere

ecoTree™ Sterilizing Ability Certification

ecoTree™(Slightly Acidic Electrolyzed Water ) is conducted test for various harmful bacteria including aphogens.

It showed a perfect sterilizing power of 99.999% for all fungi.

ecoTree™ Safety

ecoTree™(Slightly Acidic Electrolyzed Water) is qualified to Ministry of Food and Drug Safety’s Toxicity test standards. Confirmed that there is no irritation to the human body and that it does not affect the human body

Ophthalmic irritability test


In every treatment animal, eyeball and all other

No clinical symptoms were observed…

The final ruling was shown as an inanimate object.

Acute oral toxicity test


No unusual clinical symptoms were observed,

There was no unusual opinion during the autopsy...

The acute toxicity of the specimen was not observable.



Product Name (Model) ecoTree™ (SLB-120)
Main Device, Raw Material Tank, Reserve Tank (Option)
Sensors pH Sensor, Leakage Sensor, Gas Sensor
Raw Material Tank Size 4L
Reserve Tank Size 60L(Option)
Display Product pH and Temp. / Flow Speed / Remaining Raw Material Amount / Operation Time / Total Operation Time
Dimension 510(W) x 350(D) x 390(H)
Weight 10kg( Main Device, Except 4L Raw Material Tank Weight )
Input Power 220V, 50-60Hz, 5A
Electrolysis Method Aseptate Method
Production Capacity 120L/hr
Production Chlorine Concentration 20~40ppm
Production pH Range 5.0~6.5
Patent No. (Electrolytic Cell)10-1767247

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