Intima RF(Vaginal)

Intima RF(Vaginal)

The New and Multi-functional RF Treatment
Against Vaginal Rejuvenation, Urinary
Incontinence and Labia Remodeling
Plasma BT

What is Intima RF(Vaginal)?

Intima RF® is a non-invasive medical device designed to improve the vaginal tightening, stress urinary incontinence and labia remodeling using the new advanced RF technology.
In particular, Smart OED(Optimized Energy Delivery) system developed by Seoulin Medicare continuously monitors the skin impedance and controls the energy level during the treatment which ensures uniform heating of targeted tissue with no sudden surge in energy, allowing the operator to use high power settings without compromising the safety.


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RF RET(Resistive Electric Transfer)

RF shot treatment handpiece (Large, Medium, Small) for female internal treatment. The handpiece choice varies with the experience of child birth

RF CET(Capactive Electric Transfer)

RF time treatment for female external treatment

Smart OED

Smart OED(Optimized Energy Delivery) System Continuous monitoring of skin impedance and automatic energy peak control


  • Female non-surgical procedure using RF
  • Delicate high frequency energy delivery and safety using Smart OED(Optimized Energy Delivery) system re-engineered by Seoulin Medicare
  • Fast treatment procedure and easy to use with a diverse array of applicators
  • No-anaesthetic, No-pain, No-discomfort, No-side effect
  • No downtime, can return to everyday life immediately
  • Perfect system for labia remodeling and sexual satisfaction enhancement
  • Delivering safe and accurate energy through checking of impedence and temperature



Medical Device Name Combination stimulator
Model Name SLM-7010E
Input Power AC 220 ~ 240V, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption 400W
Maximum output Current (0~300mA) Maximum voltage (0~230Vpp) /
Frequency (480KHz) Maximum operation time (Shot type : 2.5 Sec / TIME : 15Min)
Dimension(mm) 349(W)*457(D)*1282(H)

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