Multishape mini

Multishape Mini

Non Invasive & Non Surgical
The Synergetic combination of Latest RF & Vacuum
Body Sculpting & Skin Renewal

What is Multishape mini?

  • The best combinations of Multi-polar RF, Vacuum having powerful effect in cellulite reduction and body reshaping
  • Stabilized RF & Vacuum assisted with LED Light Therapy
  • Effectiveness with complete Safety
  • Smooth treatment by Sliding Super Pulse
  • Versatile application with Visible Result
  • Suitable to treat targeted area by 3 handpieces
  • Mobility by Compact size


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  • Using the new patented technology SuperPulse from the Vacuum, the best results are achieved for cellulite reduction and body reshaping management
  • Endermologie function with no pain and high quantity of motion
  • Able to control the level of Vacuum and Release to achieve the best results
  • User is able to enjoy the smooth and gentle sensation of the *Sliding Technology
  • 15 pulse outputs per second to achieve maximum effect of physical activity
  • Sliding Technology – Enables the selection of vacuum and release area between “A”, “B”, “C”, facilitating the smooth and free movement of the handpiece which enhances the treatment efficiency


Body Applicator
- 1.2Mhz Multipolar RF
- Vacuum(super Pulse)
Arm/Leg Applicator
- 1.2Mhz Multipolar RF
- Vacuum(super Pulse)
Face Applicator
- 1.2Mhz Multipolar RF
- Vacuum

Other features

Advanced Multi-polar Radiofrequency Technology
Safely and effectively delivers thermal energy into deep dermal and fatty layer
Controllable RF intensity (1~5 level)
Stabilized Powerful Vacuum Performance
Controllable Vacuum level (1~5 steps)
Various Pulses for versatile program (continuous, slow, normal, fast)
Large (Body) applicator : red LED 630 nm
Middle (Body & Face) applicator : red LED 630 nm
Small (Face) applicator : blue LED 430 nm
Sliding Touch Power ON / OFF
Intuitive Touch Control
Convenient Auto-sensing Connection

Clinical Results


Radio Frequency 1MHz Multi Polar
Vacuum Range Max650 mmHg
LED Wave Length Red630nm, Blue 430nm
Input Voltage 100~120V,50/60HZ / 220~240V, 50/60Hz
Weight / Dimensions 8.9kg/ 370x410x400

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