Powerful Cavitation, Multi-Polar RF and Vacuum
The most optimal solution for body
and skin care Innovative 3-in-1 System

What is MultiShape?

  • The best combinations of Multi-polar RF, Vacuum and Cavitation have shown effective results in cellulite reduction and body reshaping
  • Using the specially designed Multi-polar applicator, target management for eye & neck lifting
  • Soft and powerful vibrational effect through the SuperPulse suction system
  • Multipurpose management to accommodate for the diverse needs of patients
  • Using a diverse array of applicators, it is an easy and convenient way for whole body management (removable method and automatic recognition function)
  • Technology integrated to reduce vibrational sounds to bare minimum.


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  • Using the new patented technology SuperPulse from the Vacuum, the best results are achieved for cellulite reduction and body reshaping management
  • Endermologie function with no pain and high quantity of motion
  • Able to control the level of Vacuum and Release to achieve the best results
  • User is able to enjoy the smooth and gentle sensation of the *Sliding Technology
  • 15 pulse outputs per second to achieve maximum effect of physical activity
  • Sliding Technology – Enables the selection of vacuum and release area between “A”, “B”, “C”, facilitating the smooth and free movement of the handpiece which enhances the treatment efficiency


Body Applicator
- 1.2Mhz Multipolar RF
- Vacuum(super Pulse)
Arm/Leg Applicator
- 1.2Mhz Multipolar RF
- Vacuum(super Pulse)
Face Applicator
- 1.2Mhz Multipolar RF
- Vacuum
Body Applicator
- 38Khz
- Cavitation

Effects of Multi-polar RF

  • Increases intracellular diffusion of oxygen by heat
  • Increases the microcirculation
  • Actively promotes the degradation and lipid metabolism of fat cells
  • Ensures tightening of the collagen fibers
  • Improves the elasticity and firming of the skin
  • Light Therapy effect via RF technology
  • No pain, effective & completely safe

Effects of Vacuum

  • Promotes lymphatic and degraded fat cells drainage and blood circulation
  • Reduces the subcutaneous layer of the fat chamber
  • Increases blood flow in the veins and facilitate the supply of oxygen to the blood
  • Reduces the adhesiveness of fat cells
  • Relaxes the tissue and massages the fascia
  • Relieves swelling and greatly improves body and facial contour line
  • No pain, effective & completely safe

Effects of Ultrasonic Cavitation

  • 38KHz ultrasonic cavitation’s wavelength promotes degradation of fat by reaching deep into the area of subcutaneous fat normally difficult to be reached by average high frequency procedure
  • No pain, effective & completely safe

Other features

Large(Body) applicator :
red LED 630 nm
Middle (Body & Face) applicator :
red LED 630 nm
Small (Face) applicator :
blue LED 430 nm
Need a safety key to operate the system
Sliding Touch Power ON / OFF
Intuitive Touch Control
Convenient Auto-Sensing Connection
Start or stop the system sith the switch (convenient use)


Clinical Results


Power Input 220~240VAC 50/60 Hz
Maximum Power Consumption 900W
Classification (EN60601-1) Class1, Type BF
User Inter Face 10.2Inch Touch LCD
Size ( W D H ) 388 x 354 x 1095 mm
Weight 50㎏
RF Frequency : 1.2MHz Bi-Polar , Multi Polar , Max 50W 
Light Therapy : Red LED (630nm) , Blue LED (430nm)
Cavitation Frequency: 36KHz ± 10% 
Max Power : 50W 
Pulse Type : 4 (Continues , Pulse1 , Pulse2 , Auto)
Vacuum MaxVacuum : 350mmHg 
1 ~ 15Hz Pulse (Continues , Pulse , Super-Pulse)
Treatment Timer 0~30min(Preset 10min)

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