• Muscular Strengthening
• Bioelectricity Recovery
• Body Cure System
• Remote Control
• Self Treatment

What is Probody?

ProBody is using AMF for safe and effective body care.
AMF means Amplitude Modulated Middle Frequency of 4000Hz. It minimalizes the skin resistance and penetrates into skin deeper with smooth feeling.
· Stimulates metabolism & lipolysis(Burn fat)
· Pain Control & revitalizes cells
· Strengthen blood and lymph circulation
· Muscle relaxation & Tention(Strength muscle)
· Massage effects


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(Amplitude Modulated Frequency)
It minimalizes the skin resistance and penetrates into skin deeper with smooth feeling.


(Electrical Muscle Stimulation)
Electronic Muscle Stimulation is an upgraded technology that variously transforms TENS


(Variable Frequency)


  • 3 Simple User Mode(500Hz, 2000Hz, 4000Hz)
  • User-Eco Friendly Device!
  • With various pulse, massage, kneading, hit, acupressure, Auto mode are available
  • Flexible vacuum cups with excellent adsorption power can be easily detached and attached to various parts of the body by oneself
  • Belt-type abdominal pad for abdominal intensive treatment
  • Intuitive and easy to control of 10.1-inch touch LCD screen interlocked with vacuum cup sensor
  • Vacuum cups Disinfect themself by Blue LED
  • Easy-to-manipulate remote control Ease of Self-use
  • Adopting a sponge rather than a gel-pad type consumable makes it hygienic and semi-permanent


Product Name PROBODY
Model Name SLM-2000
EMS Frequency Low Frequency : 500Hz
Middle-Low Frequency : 2000Hz
Middle Frequency : 4000Hz
Vacuum Cup Large x 2 / small x 2 (set)
Abdominal PAD 6-Package type
Display 10.1 inch, Digital Touch Screen
Input Voltage AC 100~110V/50~60Hz, AC 220~235V/50~60Hz
Power Consumption 50W
Storage Temperature / Humidity -10℃ ~ 55 ℃ / 20 ~ 80 %
Dimension W480 x D315 x H382 mm
Weight 5.4 Kg

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