What is Ddeum Dr.?

RF-RET of Ddeum Dr.
Mobile, charging-type, multi-channel, high-frequency electronic moxibustion device
High-frequency moxibustion device optimized for moxibustion Ddeum dr.

“moxibustion produces healthy blood, and creates heterologous protein, thereby increasing the immunity and natural healing power” (acknowledged by WHO)


Ddeum Dr. uses the high-frequency of RET type,
while H1, H2 use multi-polar and H3 uses bi-polar.

Multi-polar applies the multiple number of electrodes
and creates a concentrated deep heat around the
moxibustion parts thereby enabling the optimal
thermotherapeutical moxibustion.

H1(Large) is designated for the use in the stomach
(Large Ddeum) area and is used for the moxibustion of
basic meridians such as shin-gwol(CV-8) propitious spot,
chung-wan(CV-12) and kwanwon(CV-4),
H2(Medium) is used for the thermotherapeutical
moxibustion of wide areas such as waist and shoulder,
H3(Small) can be used in asi-propitious spot pain point,
meridian part moxibustion with rapid high temperature
one-shot moxibustion function other than the use in the
affected area moxibustion such as joint and meridian part


  1. Deep heat causing high frequency electronic moxibustion device
  2. Three-channel electrode exchange type by body parts
  3. Moxa cautrymoxibustion effect of exclusive moxa therapy gel
  4. Reducing abdominal obesity and abodominal fat
  5. Moxibustion function with one-shot function
  6. Setting temperatrue and time memory function
  7. Temperatrue (36-50 degree celcius) and time (10-30 minutes)
  8. Easy chargning type, smokeless, odorless, safe from burns
  9. Free bed, free moxibustion activity
  10. Easy carrying and managing with exclusive bag

For the whole family, Ddeum Dr.

(*Ddeum means moxibustion in korean)

Ddeum Dr. spread the heat of high frequecny deep heat to the innermost parts of the body and is very effective in therapeutical areas including improving blood circulation,increasing immunity, controlling the functions of internal organs, mitigating physical pain and gynecological disease.

Ddeum Dr. is smokeless, odorless and is safe from the danger of burns, and can be used by anyone, anytime.

Ddeum Dr. is the world’s first mobile, charging-type, multi-channel high frequency electronic thermotherapeutical moxibustion device, and it facilitates a convenient application of the function of tradtional moxa cautrymoxibustion by using the exclusive moxa therapy gel.

The exclusive moxa therapy gel of the Ddeum Dr. is a soluble, high freqeuncy therapy gel which contains high level of korea moxa extract, and it can replace the traditional moxa to facilitate a convenient moxa cautrymoxibustion.