MultiShape VS ProCare XP


Seoulin Medicare's MultiShape became popular worldwide. Today we are going to compare the new ProCare XP against MultiShape.
First, let's look at the composition.


MutiShape: 4 handpieces 4 functions
Ultra Cavitation, MultiPolar RF & Vacuum(Large, Medium, Small), LED

ProCare XP

ProCare XP: 6 handpieces 6 functions
Ultra Cavitation, MultiPolar RF & Vacuum(Large, Small), EMS, LED, Electrophoresis
ProCare XP is a more compact size with ample storage space and the EMS function, which was unfortunate in MultiShape, to create a practical and effective body care end plate.
Ah compared to other companies' products~!! The Super Pulse patented technology is applied to Seorin Medicare's MultiPolar RF & Vacuum handpiece, so it is not a body care that ends after a weak rubbing.
Again again! BTS.. no.. BIS technology was applied, so I realized burn less during the treatment. Is it possible to perform safely? (Ami Tina for no reason)
For more information, check out the various treatment videos on Seorin Medicare's Instagram. ProCare XP is still a new product, so you will make the procedure video!
Love it.
The face-only Electrophoresis is also equipped with LED and EMS functions, which is the ultimate body care + facial bonus!
Hey, if you buy this, you're done!
For demos and product inquiries, go to the website~~

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