Plasma BT

Plasma BT

A Second Generation of Medical PLASMA Device
with Poration and Surgical Combined
for Various Skin Lesions and Treatments
Plasma BT

What is Plasma BT?

PLASMA BT of Seoulin Medicare is a low-electricity, medical device equipped with medical Plasma Needle® and Poration® which uses atmospheric pressure to generate plasma.
By applying “F-DBD” type of Seoulin Medicare’s exclusive patented technology, it creates patient-friendly, abundant plasma which can be effectively used in in upper eyelid, lower eyelid, wrinkles, scar, peels, inflammation, wound healing and drug absorption.
The system can be used in separate function of Plasma Surgical™ and Plasma Poration™, or can be used in combination of both.


High Frequency, High Pressure

Plasma by applying high-frequency, high-pressure in atmosphere(Creating low-temperature atmospheric )


Delivering stable plasma ion to the tip of the handpiece

Biochemical molecule radicals

Stable and effective skin treatment Mechanism by stimulating biochemical Process in inner and outer area of biological cell

Plasma Surgical

Delicate and precise surgical handpiece does not affect the skin cell tissue but only sublimates the skin surface and contract the skin by creating small lattice shapes around the eyelid. It can be effectively used in variety of skin problems such as acne, scar, facial skin treatment, upper and lower eyelid aesthetic surgery and eyelid lifting.

shot mode pulse mode continuous mode
Needle with Guide Needle
Treatment Area Φ0.3 x 15mm(0.5mm Guide) Φ0.3 x 15mm
Usable Times One-time use only
Feature Surgical Needle Guide™ which considers the most optimal spacing(0.5mm) between skin surface and plasma spray General Surgical Needle
Description By maintaining a regular interval with the skin, able to deliver uniform energy level Sublimation by using sterilization needle(Requires high level of skills by the user due to absence of guide)
Sublimation (Ablation)
Effective on acne, scar treatment by causing sublimation on the skin surface while not affecting the cells
Sublimation (Ablation)
Effective on acne, scar treatment by causing sublimation on the skin surface while not affecting the cells
Wrinkle Treatment
Non-ablative, lifting, regeneration, scar treatment, inflammation treatment
Time Saving
Short treatment and down time

Plasma Poration™

Plasma Poration Handpiece removes the bacteria and helps absorb essential drug to the skin tissue. A strong low-temperature atmospheric plasma on the surface of the skin sterilize the skin and the ionized radicals stimulates the skin treatment process such as skin regeneration, anti-bacteria, TDDS (Transdermal Drug Delivery System), skin whitening and collagen generation.

shot mode pulse mode continuous mode
Large Tip Small tip
Treatment Area Φ25mm(4.9 ㎠) Φ12mm(1.1 ㎠)
Feature Sterilize ion and radical, skin regeneration(Wide Area) Sterilize ion and radical, skin regeneration(Small Area)
Symptoms Skin regeneration, lifting, wrinkle, sagging improvement, collagen remodeling, elastin production, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacteria, TDDS (Transdermal Delivery System ), sterilization
Usable Period 60 minutes (12 – 60 patients)
Inducing amazing absorption by breaking the Cell Adhesion Molecules(CAMs) that connect the skin cell
Skin absorption test by Korea Institute for Skin and Clinical Sciences
Anti-pigmentation effect through suppressing melanin pigment and strengthening the absorption of anti-pigmentation cosmetics
Toning by powerful sputtering of plasma ion
Sterilize bacteria which cause various skin problems with powerful sterilization power
P.Acnes removal experiment using plasma
Preventing skin aging by stimulating generation of collagen and fibroblasts
Epidermis thickness difference after Plasma Poration



Medical Device Name Electric Surgical Device
Model Name SLM-9010E
Storage Method Temperature(-10℃~40℃),
Rated Power and Frequency AC 100~240V, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption 50VA
Electric Protection Type and Degree 1st class device BF type connection part
Size and Weight 316(W) x 316(D) x 280(H) ㎜/10㎏

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