Procare XP

Procare XP

Ultra-Cavitation, RF, EMS, Electro, Vacuum and LED
Procare XP

What is Procare XP?

ProCare XP Combines Cavitation, RF, EMS, Electro, Vacuum and LED Technologies.
(Recency Medical Device : New Trend)
· Buzz less Ultrasound-Cavitation & Real Lipolysis(Newest Technology)
· True Lifting & Tightening & Steatolysis(Stable Multi-Polar RET RF Technology)
· Vacuum Mark less & Smooth Sliding(Super Pulse Unique Technology)
· Muscular Strengthening & Bioelectricity Recovery(Bland EMS Technology)
· Drug Delivery & Fine Wrinkle Improvement(Safety Electrophoresis Technology)


CavitaionRFEMSFace RF

l Buzz less & Blue LED Ultrasound Cavitation

l Multi-Polar RF / Smart Impedance Detection
l Super Pulse Vacuum & Red LED

l Bi-Polar EMS & Red LED

l Multi-Polar RF & Electro Poration

Solution of Body Shaping

procare use


Product Name ProCare XP
Model Name SLM-7652
Radio Frequency Multi-Polar [ ~ 1MHz]
UltraSonic Frequency 48KHz Cavitation
EMS 500 ~ 5000 Hz
Display 10.2inch Digital Touch Screen
Input Voltage AC 100~110V/50~60Hz, AC 220~235V/50~60Hz
Power Consumption 150W
Storage Temperature / Humidity -10℃ ~ 55 ℃ / 20 ~ 80 %
Dimension 332(W) X 400(D) X 445(H) mm
Weight 15 Kg

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